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  Hello ... this is Ewa Berezynski, CHT. Welcome to my website !  I am a Certified Hypnotherapist

  with nearly 10 years of experience with providing Hypnosis services to nearly 10 thousand
  clients. I  have been certified in Hypnotherapy by the Bastyr University and in Hypnosis by the
  Society of  Psycholinguistics . I help people who wish to overcome addictions ( such as food -
  eating disorders, alcohol,  smoking, gambling ), procrastination,  sleep issues , anxiety / stress /
  emotional turmoil , phobias, most behavioral limitations ... even pain. So why Hypnotherapy ?  
  Because, everyone is wired to be receptive to Hypnotherapy. It is a tool that assists in healing,
  lifting, removing blocks in one's life.You will find that using relaxing, soothing guided meditation
  techniques, it is easy for you to enjoy the process, while effortlessly getting the results you desire.
  During your Hypnotherapy session, you will instinctively, intuitively go into a place within that
  provides you with answers and solutions, in the very area of your life needing some attention. You 
  will  find yourself  making some new revelations or perhaps, confirm what you already know.
  Most importantly, you will take control of your body, your mind and your life in a way that
  allows you to feel  happier and healthier. So what would it be like for you to feel in control of
  your choices, turning only to what is appropriate for your unique body, while completely
  detaching from what is destructive? What would it be like for you to feel motivated, excited,
  inspired  and able to maintain commitments to all those important aspects of your life ?  What
  would it be like for you to feel cool, calm and collected in any given moment, while sleeping
  soundly and peacefully at night ? What if all these adjustments were organic, naturally
  activated by your brilliant subconscious mind ? You do have  the ability to create all of this for
  yourself ... even if you never felt it was possible ...  until now .  
                                                                   So, just imagine ...