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     As you arrive for your appointment, we will talk about what is bothering you or what you wish to
  change. You may already know how you want to go about making any modifications - changes you
  desire, or maybe your struggle is to simply put your plan into action. Maybe for you, it is about lifting
  the barriers to what you know you need to do. Or, maybe, you are at a complete loss & things have
  gotten just too complicated ... you don't even know where to begin. Perhaps, stress has become such a
  daily pattern that it seems impossible to imagine your life without it ... yet, you know you are ready to
  feel peaceful & serene. When you start your Hypnotherapy journey, it is not necessary to have all the
  answers ... finding and creating your solutions is the fundamental part of this process. Activating this
  exciting and welcomed transformation of you, is the essence of your session! And you will find it is easy
  to allow yourself to transform into a
happier, healthier, more successful you ... as per your own design.

     We will begin with putting you into a comfortable, relaxed state of hypnotic trance ... you will stay
  present, able to participate and contribute, while in the session. You will remember the process, once it's
  over. YOU are the one who will be driving this process, staying in control of it at all times ... your
  Hypnotherapist cannot make you think, feel or do what you do not desire. With your permission,

  together, we will explore whatever you feel is important for you to address, while setting up necessary
  mechanisms for your progress. 

     Clients are often surprised at how easy & eye opening the process really is ... how quickly they can 
  enjoy the  benefits & the evolution they came to experience, to create. Know that you will engage only
  in a way that YOU feel is appropriate, in a way in which you are comfortable. Hypnotherapy is safe and
  effective. You can stay as private as you wish, or share as much as you think is right for you. So, begin
  to think about how different your daily experience could be if you resolved what has been holding you
  back ... if you moved past it, beyond it. Imagine youreslf ... happier, healthier, realizing your dreams. 
                                                                    Are you ready to get started ?